Hiring the right people can move the needle in OSS

Over the years, the core members of Amplifying F# have been at the forefront of many open-source adventures.
These men are known for their numerous contributions, expertise and dedication to F#.

Today, some of these individuals can be hired for contracting work.
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...

Why hire someone?

In the IT industry, we take OSS for granted. We typically assume it is free to use and if there is a problem, someone else will solve it. The downside of course is that nobody cares if something isn't working for you. It was free to begin with, so there is no refund and you should send a pull request to solve your own problem.

Of course sending that PR can require extensive know-how of the OSS project. You might not have that particular skill set and nothing ever comes of it.

There can be various reasons why an OSS problem remains unsolved and we encourage you to put the right people on it. We wish to normalize paying someone to do open-source work.
It really doesn't have to be us, but please open up to the idea.

The secret ingredient is money

Most of the successful F# open-source projects have thrived because companies invested serious money into it. Some stories are more publicly known than others, but know that only the sun is free. Money often allows someone to work on the project during broad day light and that is essential to make projects flourish.

Hire Amplifying FSharp's finest

Amplifying FSharp is no legal entity and thus cannot take any direct assignments. Most members have a freelance business and can be contacted for opportunities. We wish to inform you this is possible. Feel free to reach out, on sait jamais.

David Schaefer

David Schaefer

Greetings, I'm David, aka dawe, a freelancing software engineer with a big ❤️‍🔥 for functional programming. I have experience with a number of functional languages and enjoy the diversity in this paradigm.

My passion for Open Source goes back many years. Currently, I'm focused on the F# ecosystem and help maintain various projects. As part of the G-Research Open-Source team, I gained experience especially in developer tooling, such as the compiler or IDE support.

Edgar Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez

I'm Edgar Gonzalez, a software developer focused on F#, .NET, Swift, with passion for functional programming and open source. I'm a member of the AmplifyingF# initiative where i tried to help the F# community to grow and be more inclusive.

I'm a regular contributor to F# open-source projects like F# Compiler and Fabulous. Thanks to my contributions to the F# compiler, I was showcased as Community Contributor.

My experience with C# F#, Swift and functional programming has allowed to develop high performant and reliable mobile apps for iOS and Android using UIKit, SwiftUI and .NET.

Florian Verdonck

Florian Verdonck

Hi there, I'm Florian, also known as nojaf on GitHub! I've had the privilege of contributing to pivotal F# open-source projects over the years. This includes working on the F# compiler and developing essential tooling.

One of my earliest successes was rejuvenating the Fantomas project, which taught me invaluable lessons in nurturing an open-source project. This experience enhanced not only my technical expertise but also my ability to navigate the open-source community effectively.

I've also had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the G-Research Open-Source team. There, I made significant contributions to the F# components of the dotnet SDK. At one point, I was even recognized as the Featured Community Contributor.

In addition to this, I have a strong interest in web development. I apply my front-end skills to create tools like the Fantomas online tools and contribute to the modern theme for F# Formatting.