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Ephemeral Energy

Ensuring the continuation of an open-source voluntary initiative can be quite daunting. The initial spark of energy eventually fades, and even the brightest wizard runs out of mana. This process is very natural; we are only human. At some point, we, the original members of Amplifying FSharp, won’t be able to continue what we once did. This is inevitable, and as an organization, we wish to tackle this problem head-on.

Too often, good software projects extinguish because everyone just expected good things to happen. We are often quite comfortable in a status quo situation. And the doom of inactivity only hurts once it truly hits us.

Ensure the Legacy at the Pinnacle

Q: What is better than one OSS maintainer?
A: More OSS maintainers!

More helping hands can ensure better continuity of any OSS project. Too few maintainers ask themselves the question: “What happens to this project when I can’t do anything for two months?“. A good answer here is: someone I can trust will step into the breach! Having equals in a project is a great way to spread the burden of maintaining a project.

This is easier said than done, of course. We are often emotionally invested in our projects and won’t just hand the keys to anyone on the internet. Becoming equals requires working on the relationship from both ends. It doesn’t happen overnight, and people should think about this before they are burned out.

To make a point here, we believe it is better to find co-maintainers when the project is at its height.

Heeding the Call

By now, you probably pieced it together: we want to keep this going and are looking for new blood! We had a great first year with Amplifying F# and we wish to grow the core family. We haven’t fully figured this part out yet, but we sure know we want to start with this now and not a second later.



You are fine with helping out on any task the core team currently handles:

Hopes and Dreams

We totally start vibing, and you become an equal core member. There is no strict definition to this. When it feels right, everybody will know. And once you are there, you earned that seat at the table and help shape the future of Amplifying F# ❤️

Reach Out

There is no strict onboarding procedure. Just send us an email at amplifyingfsharp@gmail.com and let’s chat!

See you soon,

David, Edgar, Florian & Jimmy